Turbine power plant

Gas turbine power plants are designed to operate in any climatic conditions as a primary or backup source of electricity and heat for industrial and domestic purposes.

The use of such plants in remote areas provides a significant cost savings by eliminating the costs of construction and operation of long transmission lines, and in the Central regions is to improve the reliability of electric and heat supply of certain companies and organizations, and territories as a whole.

In the Foundation of gas turbine power plants based on the concept of modular construction. The power plant consist of uniform compartments and modules that allows you to quickly create new versions of units, as well as to improve and modernize outdated facilities with minimal cost.

Modular design ensures a high level of prefabrication of gas turbine power plants. They are assembled using a universal lifting and mounting devices. Block sizes do not exceed the dimensions of the railway transport.

Besides the electric power, gas turbine power plants can generate thermal energy. In this case, they are equipped with waste heat exchanger to produce hot water or heat recovery boiler to generate steam for industrial purposes.

The degree of automation of gas turbine power plant eliminates the constant presence of staff in the control unit. The management station can be controlled from the master control panel, supplied in set of power equipment. During the operation of the plant work provide three persons: the operator, the duty engineer and electrician. In case of emergency, to ensure the safety of personnel and security of systems and units unit provides a reliable protection system.

LLC "Iskra-Neftegaz" has the ability according to Customer's requirement to manufacture gas turbine power plant with a unit capacity from 2.5 to 25 MW.

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