Utilization heat exchangers

LLC "Iskra-Neftegaz" produces heat utilization (UTO) gas-liquid type with spiral-finned tubes. Offered as an option to the main kit HPA series "Ural".


For utilization of heat of exhaust gases of the gas turbine by heating the water used in the heating system. Is installed in the flue exhaust line of the gas compressor units and gas turbine power plant

Consists of:

heat ducts with draw-out tube bundles and vasoregulatory flaps;

the bypass duct with vasoregulatory flaps;

the piping with shutoff and safety valves and thermal insulation that is installed at the installation location according to the design documentation of the installation company;

The heat exchanger has an internal thermal insulation.
Connection UTO with duct - flange.
Dampers regulate the flow of exhaust gas through the heat exchange and bypass ducts. Manage automated and manual valves.
The design of the damper actuator does not allow to simultaneously block the passage of exhaust gases through the tube bundles and the bypass flue, by means of a mechanical lock.

The utilization heat exchangers meet the requirements of THE 3111-028-07504034-98 and OST 26-291-94.
UTO are classified as repairable, restorable items.

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