System complex gas

LLC "Iskra-Neftegaz" provides:
development, manufacture and supply of systems for complex gas preparation according to the Customer's specifications;
binding supply systems complex gas to the equipment of the reconstructed objects;
installation and commissioning works on putting into operation of the supplied equipment;
the supervised installation and commissioning by the Customer supplied equipment;
service and warranty service;
contract technical support to the customer after warranty period of equipment operation, including supply of spare parts
System integrated the gas treatment was developed using the experience of the design, construction and operation of the systems of the fuel, start and buffer gas in the gas-pumping units "Ural".
System complex gas preparation plants are designed to provide the required parameters of the gas (the degree of purification, temperature, moisture content, pressure, flow rate) supplied to various processing equipment, such as gas turbine engines, systems, gas seal centrifugal compressors, etc.
System complex gas can be supplied as individual modules (block boxes), equipped with all necessary auxiliary systems (ventilation, heating, lighting, fire detection and contamination control, automatic fire), and in the form of separate functional units that are installed in the building (shelter) or embedded in the composition of supplied or existing equipment.
The systems complex gas may include filters, separators, filter driers, gas heaters, pressure regulators, flow regulators, electrically actuated valves. To improve the reliability of the system provides primary and backup lines of gas treatment.
Systems are equipped with control devices that provide continuous local and remote measurement of process parameters and gas flow, the technical condition of the system and control its operation with the help of an automated control system. The degree of automation of the technological process can vary from minimal to full control of all process parameters with the transmission of information to the upper level).

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