Air pollution control devices

HEU is intended for air purification from dust, moisture droplets, snow, and other impurities and is used in the path of suction gas turbines for the exclusion of erosive wear of the blades of compressors and turbines and pollution flow parts.

Perhaps the use of HEU in other industries, where there are special requirements for clean industrial processes air with large volumes of its consumption (precise instrumentation, metallurgy of high-purity metals, etc.).

HEU has two or one, depending on the version and Customer requirements, stages of air purification and is designed on a modular principle, which allows the clinics for a wide range of costs of cleaned air.

In two-stage performance in the first stage of HEU is preliminary (rough) air purification from solid particles of size 10 microns or more, condensed moisture, etc. by their inertial separation in cyclones, arranged in a number of multi-cyclone units operating in parallel. The separated particles are removed by periodic mechanical cleaning of trays multi-cyclone units. Thin air cleaning of particles with a size of 2 to 10 μm occurs in the second stage using a pocket type air filters. Air filters cleaning (regeneration) and are not subject to clogging when they are replaced.

The use of compact cassettes (cartridges) of the company "ЕMW Filtertechnik" (Germany) allows you to combine stages for coarse and fine cleaning due to the special slotted design filter elements, check mechanical particles in a wide range of factions.

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